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Near East University; A Complete Review.

A Review Of Near East University
A Look At Near East University Review, An Update.

Near East University came into existence in 1988. The institution is found in the urban settlement of Nicosia, Northern Cyprus. The university is recognized and accredited by Denetleme, Yüksekögretim Planlama, and Akreditasyon ve Koordinasyon Kurulu. A review of Near East University will help in providing more information about the institution.

Reasons Why The Near East University Is Remarkable:

  1. The university has a selective admission regulation with respect to student’s entrance examinations, grades, and past record
  2. The twenty-nine years old university offers programs and courses that help students obtain doctorate degrees, master degrees, bachelor degrees, and pre-bachelor degrees in different departments of study.
  3. The institution welcomes students from other countries across the globe to apply for enrollment
  4. The admission rate range of Near East University is around forty to fifty percent. This means that the university is averagely admitting students into its courses and programs
  5. NEU provides a gamut of non-academic and academic facilities and services to prospective students. Financial aids, sports activities, housing, library, study abroad, scholarships, online courses, exchange programs, and distance learning opportunities are some of the great benefits of enrolling in NEU

Near East University Yearly Tuition Range:

Local students enrolling for both postgraduate and undergraduate pay a tuition fee of 1,800-3,700 Euros. International students can as well pay between 1,800-3,700 Euros. Is this a coincidence? Absolutely, it is not a coincidence. This is because the institution puts both local and international students on the same admission scale. It is difficult to find a higher education institution where both local and international students pay an equal amount.

It is evident that NEU remains one of the most affordable universities to attend in Cyprus. Both international and local students should know that the 1,800-3,700 Euros do not include external costs, board or housing. There is every possibility for tuition to vary with respect to residence, student nationality, degree level, areas of study and other requirements. Above all, it is an amazing idea to contact the institution concerning tuition fees and other admission requirements.

Advantages Of Enrolling In The Near East University:

  1. The academic workers at NEU are between 1,500-1,999. These employees are professionals and will be able to provide students the best and quality education

The student enrollment size is between 10,000 and 14,999. This implies that every student will be served accordingly with the best facilities of the institution

  • The student enrollment value is between 20,000 and 24,999. The institution enrollment system is properly supervised to give students quality education
  • Both students and staff are free to follow their religious conviction without any restrictions
  • Near East University is located in the city. This means that students and academic employees will be able to have the best life in the city.


The Near East University is accredited by Akreditasyon ve Koordinasyon Kurulu, Denetleme, and Yüksekögretim Planlama. Apart from being accredited by top education bodies in Cyprus, NEU also has several affiliations and memberships. This can be found in the likes of IAU, EUA, FUIW, IGIP, E, and JCI. Enrolling in NEU will give you the opportunity of enjoying a blissful academic structure and other social media advantages.

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