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Afghanistan Bomb Attack Killed At least 24 Leaving Several Injured.

Afghanistan Bomb Attack Killed Atleast 24 Leaving Several Injured.
Bomb Attack In Afghanistan Has Left Several Injured And At least 24 Death.

Credible information has just reached our desk stating that at least 25 individuals have lost their lives in a given bomb attack in Afghanistan. This incident took place during an election rally that was headed by the Afghanistan president, Asharaf Ghani. As of now, he’s been said to be safe and sound.

On Tuesday, In the town of Charikar, north of Kabul, similar incident have said to occur in which responsibility of the attack has been claimed by the Taliban. Confirmed information from the head of the Parwan Hospital has reached us, stating that at least 24 people were killed while 32 others were injured.

According to confirm information, the explosion happened just at the entrance of the hall where the rally was being hosted. Attacks have been on the rise by the Taliban as the presidential election date draws near. According to the Taliban, these attacks are aimed at distorting the presidential election.

According to last week’s report, the United State president held a meeting with the Taliban promising to withdraw Thousands off its troops in order to guarantee security safety. Despite the meetings, the Taliban still promise to intensify their attacks against the government in order to stop the upcoming election. Making sure that the election would go as planned, the government has deployed over 70,000 Security Forces to guarantee the safety and election success.

17 drug traffickers have been arrested by Afghanistan Police

The Afghanistan Police have arrested at least 17 drug traffickers in the town of Kabul. Also found with them were 50 kg of heroin 82 kg of opium 207 kg of hashish and 106kg of methamphetamines. After the initial investigation by the police, the case was later handed to the court in charge of drug cases.

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