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Albania; Female Journalist Sexually Harassed By Albanian Politician.

Albania; Female Journalist Sexually Harassed By Albanian Politician
Female Journalist Sexually Harassed By Albanian Politician

Skënder Gjinushi is the Albanian politician who has sexually harassed a female journalist(Enkelejda Mema) during a press conference live TV broadcast. His comments towards the female journalist that she is aroused, was criticized and classified as being sexual.

Skënder Gjinushi is now the newly elected head of science academy as well as the head of the SDF (Social Democratic ) Party. She asked the Albanian politician when he made the decision of running for the position of being the head of the academy. He replied by saying “BEFORE SHE WAS BORN”.

As if that question was not enough, she persisted in asking even more question to him. This time, he refuses to give answers to her questions, telling her to not ask questions that have no answers. Despite this, she did not stop asking questions to him. As a result, he said she has aroused and needs medical attention; A statement that has been criticized as sexual harassment.

Skënder Gjinushi is 70 years old and is now the newly appointed head of the Academy of science who was being elected on Friday. His election was being described by Professor Artan Fuga as “Black day for the field of science” and “institutional coup”. According to Professor Artan Fuga, the election was not conducted fairly and did not follow the regulations that were put in place. He stated that Skënder Gjinushi’s position as the head of the science academy will bring more crises adding to the existing one.

Two years ago, Skënder Gjinushi took the lead for the reform of the academy of science which was supported by prime minister Edi Rama. Edi Rama stated that if the reform is opposed, it will not get any funds from its government. Albana Vokshi, the Democratic Party deputy has classified this as being unacceptable and has called for his resignation action as the head of the science academy.

MP Rudina Hajdari has supported Vokshi and adding that he can not begin his new position by committing the act of sexual harassment towards a female journalist. An only petition has already been started, calling for the open and public apology from Skënder Gjinushi.

Skënder Gjinushi has also been the minister of education and according to Koha he is “The Dangerous Mafioso in Politics”. Skënder Gjinushi sued Koha in 2002 for making such a statement that was classified by the Human Rights Watch as flawed following the international law.

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