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Algeria Entered 7 Months Of Protest.

Algerians Have just entered the 7th months of protest
Algerian Protesters have just entered the 7th months of protest.


Algeria has just entered it 7th months of protest;

Algerian protesters have put in a lot of effort into the demand of political overhaul. Despite their long length of protest, no changes have been made.

However, demonstrations were made this Friday, as protester gathered around the major cities demanding the removal of the ruling elite.
According to information we have received, it has been confirmed that some protesters made some slogans stating that “Algeria is a civil and a democratic state not a military one”.

Webinfopages has also gathered that the anger of the protesters was directed to Ahmed Gaid Salah who is the army chief and to Karim Younes, a former speaker who was elected to lead the dialogue process and to pave a way for the presidential election. According to slogans made by the protestant population, they said in their numbers that Karim Younes does not represent them and that Ahmed Gaid Salah will not rule them.

5 Killed in Algerian concert and many injured;

At least 5 people have been killed and several others wounded in a concert that took place in the capital. The number of dead individuals was confirmed by the spokesperson of the rescue service. This incident took place on Thursday night as fans push and crush themselves as they struggled to enter through small entrances into the stage stadium of the rapper leading to the death of 2 girls(19 and 22 years old), and 3 boys, (13,16 and 21 years old).

According to Bernaoui’s statement, 40 more individuals were taken to the hospital and 86 others who suffered from minor injuries were being treated at the spot. The Algerian rapper Abderraouf Derradji 29 years old is based in France and was to shot a concert in his native land where he is having over 30,000 fans.


Cameroon football professional league suspended;

Following repeated violations of status, Fecafoot has been left with no other option than suspending the Cameroon football professional league as in article 2 and 14 of its status. This decision was made after a meeting was held by the executive bureau members on Thursday. Decisions discussed were to push the football league which was supposed to begin early September to begin mid-October.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo;

As a result of improved security in the homeland of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, thousands of Congolese residents are returning home after being refugees in Angola for a long period. According to a report by UNHCR spokesman, an estimate of 8,500 persons have already left the settlement of Lovua since 18th August. It was reported that about 380,000 individuals flee the country in October 2018 as a result of the troubled conflict which leads to the destruction of properties and loss of lives.

Congolese Fishermen suffering jail term in Uganda;

Since last year, about 140 fishermen from the congo have been held and detained in the Uganda detention center. As a result, groups of fishermen in the resident of congo has written a letter to the foreign affair minister to engage in the issue for the safe release of their countrymen. According to reports, 102 has already been sentenced to prison term.

The secretary-general of FECOPEILE, Josué Mukura has written a letter of reminder to the minister of foreign affairs condemning the detention of the fishermen and asked for the involvement of the government in the case for the safe release of their countrymen. He also stated that the fishing equipment seized be also recovered.

Kidnapping crisis on the rise in Nigeria;

The rise of kidnapping in the state of Nigeria has been on the rise as police try their all best to fight against. It has been said that the kidnappers target mostly officials and their relatives as well as foreign workers. Despite the effort put in by the police to fight this crisis, thousands are still victims of the kidnappers for ransom.

Brothers Arrested For Buying rice with fake currency;

Two brothers were arrested by police for purchasing 2 bags of rice with a fake currency note of N29,000. Credible report by the police spokesman Abimbola Oyeyemi confirmed that he received a call from the complainant and acted promptly. According to the complainant, the fake notes were only discovered after the brothers have quickly left his shop.

As the police spokesman makes a quick move, he caught up with the brothers who committed the crime. Just the spot, a search was made and an additional N79,000 fake notes were also discovered on them as well as other 10 bags of rice with an unregistered biker. As of now, the investigation has been opened to conclude the decision of the court jurisdiction.

Scammers Stole Millions from people and businesses;

Over the past years, millions have been swindled by Nigerian scammers from people as well as businesses around the world. It has been reported that between 2014 and 2018, Iro and Igbokwe from Nigeria has been the shining star in the underworld of online fraud. According to indiction released on Thursday, there have said to have stolen about $46 million from about 10 countries around the world.

Their method of theft has been facilitated by a series of accounts created in many countries as they work closely with other international enablers. Voa has covered up closely on this report https://www.voanews.com/usa/how-dozens-nigerian-scammers-stole-millions-people-businesses

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