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Blog Design Essentials; What Bloggers Should Know.

Blog Design Essentials; What Bloggers Should Know
Blog design essentials for beginners and pro..

Blog design; When it comes to website designing, most beginner bloggers turn to miss some of the most important and crucial steps which turn to affect their website Visibility and Rankings. For this cause, I will try to guide you through some details to help you prevent such mistakes.

Website designing is not only about the designs that suit the purpose of your blog or website, As we shall be detailing some important facts you should also pay attention to in this writing piece.

We have earlier discussed the first thing a beginner blogger must know, but in today’s piece, we shall be discussing solely on the things that matter when it comes to website designing or blog design.

Your website may contain the best information or advice on the web, but if the below-listed things are missing, then count the website as a failure.

1 Blog Titles And Headings:

This is one of the most important things you should pay attention to when it comes to blog design. If this part is missing, then your blog will suffer not only in the hands of the users but also in the hands of major search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc.
Off course I will now explain my self in two ways;

How will your website suffer in the hands of users if titles and headings are missing:

When a user lands on your website post, one of the first thing they do is eye scanning. If your websites are packed with text like an oxford dictionary or a Wikipedia file, then there is an 80% chance that the user will not read those text, and will move away from your website. In order words, Your website is not user-friendly.

When this happened, google will see that page as a low-quality page. if this happens repeatedly, then the page ranking will drop significantly and your site will be buried down the page rank where visitors will not find them easily.

To avoid this from happening, make sure your site content is organized in titles and headings for easy readability by the users before posting.

How will your website suffer in the hands of google if titles and headings are missing:

If your website is missing titles or headings, then it will become difficult for the search crawler to understand your content properly. When this happens, google my instead turn to rank your site for keywords you may not want to target. In order words, your website is not google friendly. Let me explain in more detail;

Let’s assume that you are searching for the keyword “How to lose weight fast” in google search engine. When you type the keywords in google, several results will be displayed to you. If you have written some similar content in your blog post that has no headings, you might not even be listed for some keywords in the displayed result. This is because Google did not understand your content due to missing headings. Let’s take a look at the below illustration.

Website design essential ; Example 1 Website Turn to rank for other keywords because they have headings and are google friendly.
Website design essential Example 2; Website Turn to rank for other keywords because they have headings and are google friendly.

Looking at the above images, even though I am searching for the term how to lose weight fast, sites with other keywords such as How can I burn fat quickly? also, turn to display because of the presence of the heading. In order words, if that heading was missing, the site would not have been listed in the displayed result.

Always, therefore, make sure that the content of your site is broken into titles and headings for it to be user-friendly and search engine friendly. Here is an example of this post

This is an example of a blog title as shown by the red pointing arrow

Take a look at the below capture image.

This is an example of headings in a blog post

In summary, your website contents should have a title, and it is divided into headings that reflect the main title. Doing so will give your website a ranking boost and it will be both user and search engine friendly.

Another essential part of website designing is images.

When it comes to blog design, image (s) or photo (s) play an important part. If you want to be convinced on this aspect, just, therefore, imagine that this website or blog post is having no image on it. In order word, let just imagine that all the images I have on this post are removed. Imagining this in your mind, You then realized how important images are when it comes to website designing.

Not only will the lack of image (s) makes a website looks ugly, it may also affect website visibility on search results, hence contributing to the reduction in the number of visitors to your website.

How will a lack of image (s) affects website visibility and traffic flow

When it comes to search results, images also rank on some search terms or queries. If a website is missing a title image, Then it would not be listed in the image search, when this happens, the number of clicks to a site will reduce also term as traffic flow from image search. Let’s take a look at the below example.

How website image search increases traffic flow
How website image search increases traffic flow

By looking at the above image, people searching at the search term how to lose weight on the image section, websites like youtube.com, pinterest.com, boko.com and etc turn to rank for that search term. In other words, it will be easy for users to click on those rank images and be redirected to the website having the image. If a giving website dint have an image, then it would have not been among the displayed results, Resulting in a decrease in clicks or traffic to a website and hence affecting its visibility.

Check back later on this post for additional details.

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