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Eastern Mediterranean University: A Review.

Eastern Mediterranean University: A Review
A Look At The Review Of Eastern Mediterranean University

The Eastern Mediterranean University is one of the top-rated universities in Cyprus. The university became a reality in 1979 as a non-profit public higher education. It is located in the urban settlement of Famagusta, Northern Cyprus. This well-known university is recognized or accredited by Akreditasyon ve Koordinasyon Kurulu, Denetleme, and the Yüksekögretim Planlama. A review of this University will help you discover why the institution is rated among the best in Cyprus.

Reasons Why Eastern Mediterranean University Is Top Rated:

  1. The institution offers programs and courses leading to officially accredited higher education degrees in the likes of master degrees, bachelor degrees, pre-bachelor degrees and doctorate degrees in several areas of study
  2. This over thirty-eight years old university has a priority admission policy based on students past academic grades, record, and entrance examinations
  3. The admission rate range is between forty and fifty percent. This makes the Eastern Mediterranean University an averagely selective institution
  4. Another amazing reason for rating this institution high in Cyprus is that it welcomes international students to apply for enrollment
  5. The Eastern Mediterranean University also offers a plethora of non-academic and academic services and facilities to students. This includes housing, library, financial aids, sports facilities, exchange programs, study abroad, distance learning opportunities, online courses, and administrative services

Eastern Mediterranean university yearly Tuition Range:

International students pay between 5,500-7,400 Euros for undergraduate courses. For postgraduate courses, international students will pay between 5,500-7,400 Euros. Local students pay between 1,800-3,700 Euros for both postgraduate and undergraduate programs. With this comprehensive review, it is unequivocal that the Eastern Mediterranean University remains an affordable institution for both international and local students.

It is important to know that the yearly average tuition ranges don’t include board, room and external costs. Tuition may vary by degree level, areas of study, residence, student nationality, and other criteria. For this reason, it is expedient that students should contact the admission office for more information on yearly tuition fees. Even with any slight inclusion of fees, the Eastern Mediterranean University is still one of the most affordable in Cyprus.

Benefits Of Attending The Eastern Mediterranean University:

  • The student enrollment size is between 10,000 and 14,999. This implies that every student will be served accordingly with the best facilities of the institution
  • The academic staff is between 1,000 and 1,499, making the running of the institution superb
  • There is no religious affiliation tied to the university. This means that you are free to practice your religion of origin
  • The university is located in an urban settlement. Students and staff will be exposed to live in the city, better infrastructures, quality food, housing, sports activities, and other recreational events


The University has tons of affiliations and memberships. This can be found in OEC, CMU, FUIW, IAU, and EUA. If you are planning to enroll for this university today, then go ahead because your graduating qualification will be recognized in Cyprus and across the globe. The standard of education in this amazing university is excellent. Students can enjoy social media facilities and the academic structure of the university is classic. For more information on enrollment and tuition fees, you can visit the official website of the university today.

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