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How To Prevent Hay Fever Effectively.

How To Prevent Hay Fever Effectively
A Clear View On How To Prevent Hay Fever Effectively

How To Prevent Hay Fever Effectively; Avoiding the grips of hay fever seems very impossible. However, prevention will help in reducing the rate of contamination. Below are a few preventive methods for hay fever.

(A) Prevent Hay Fever from pollens and molds:

  • 1 During pollen seasons, especially when pollens are high, make sure to close windows and doors so as to stop the inflow into the house.
  • 2 Avoid the drying of clothes outside the house or in an open area. Doing this will get the pollen to stick to the dresses which will cause effects when it comes in contact with the body.
  • 3 Air ventilation filters should be used at home and workplaces. This will help in trapping the entrance of pollens into the house or workplace. Also, make sure to change the filter regularly when it becomes too dirty
  • 4 Avoid outdoor activities when pollen counts are high. With the help of apps, you can now easily predict whether the pollen count is high or low so as to help you in planning your daily activities.
  • 5 Also, avoid outdoor activities during windy days. During this period, the pollen concentration turn to be very high which could easily get you affected. If you are a gardener or someone who works in an area with high pollen counts, then make sure to wear a dust mask to help prevent contamination.

(B) How to prevent hay Fever from dust mites:

Sometimes, your homes might be affected and there is the need to use some of the below-recommended ways:

  • 6 Use a high-pressure power vacuum pump to clean carpets. Carpets in general usually get contaminated easily. Cleaning it with a power vacuum pump will help remove any allergen that may be found on it. Also, make sure not to sleep on contaminated carpets which may get us affected.
  • 7 Use approved insecticide to help kill dust mites. Approved insecticides do not have any effect on our respiratory tract and also will cause no harm when it comes in contact with the skin or eyes. Some insecticides are too harsh and can have an effect on us. Make sure to use the recommended prescribe insecticide.
  • 8 Make sure to wash your clothes with hot water of about 54 degrees Celcius: At this temperature, the allergens can not survive. washing your clothes at this temperature level or washing in normal water and then allowed in hot water of about 54-degree Celcius for about 20 minutes before drying.
  • 9 Reduce the humidity of your house by using an air conditioner or dehumidifier: When the house humidity is high, it favors the survival of the mites causing symptoms. Reducing the humidity will help in preventing mites infection.
  • 10 Use allergy-proof covering: The use of allergy-proof covering specifically made for pillows and mattresses is very important. It serves as a protector for the contamination of beds and pillows.

(C) How to Prevent hay fever from cockroaches:

Do you have cracks or crevices in your house?, If yes then make sure to cover them up. This might cause cockroaches to hide in them and cause the spread of the allergens especially at night when the light is off. This is possible because cockroaches are carriers of the allergens causing symptoms.

Make sure to avoid keeping unwashed plates with pieces of food or uncovered leftover foods. This will attract insects which are carriers of the allergens causing symptoms, leading to the spread and infection.

(D) Prevention From Pets :

I am aware that some of you turn to love your pets so much that you can’t do without them. But believe me that they can be harmful to your health if care is not properly taken. Pets like cats and dogs or feathered animals cause symptoms. To help prevent this, make sure to stay away from them and keep them far away from your bedroom.

If you are still willing to keep your pets, make sure to get them properly treated. If your pets are not properly treated, they will serve as carriers of the allergen causing the symptoms. By taking your pets to the veterinary houses or pets control center, they will properly be treated and prevented from acting as carriers.

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