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Top-Listed Flu Symptoms In Children To Avoid.

Here Are Listed Flu Symptoms In Children To Avoid
Flu Symptoms In Children To Avoid

Flu Symptoms in children is now a common thing. Influenza is the name of a virus that causes flu. Children mainly under the age of five years are prone to have flu as compared to adults. Approximately 20,000 children are hospitalized each year because of flu infection. Some people usually confuse flu symptoms with symptoms of a normal cold. Symptoms of flu are likely to stay longer than normal as in comparison to normal cold. Here is a list of early flu symptoms in children:

Below this article is a list of flu symptoms in children to take into consideration.

Having severe headache is one of the flu symptoms in children.

For instance, if your child has a severe headache, probably he/she might have the flu virus. To prevent health complications from arising in the future, it is advisable to seek pediatrician assistance as early as possible for the diagnosis.

Dry Coughs as another flu symptoms in children.

Dry coughs which are persistent is an indication that your kid might be having flu. This is because in most cases flu is a result of excessive coughing in kids. Detecting flu early enough helps in avoiding complications like bronchitis and pneumonia in our youngsters.

Fever as one of the most common flu symptoms in children

Fever can also be a sign of flu in children. High fever can rise up to about 104 degrees F. This is an early indication that your child might have an infection of flu. Fever being a very early flu symptom, you should be keen on how your child is behaving and have your doctor notified in case your child has a high fever.


Although dizziness can be one of the early signs of flu virus infection, there are rare cases. But children will have dizziness if they are infected with flu. It should not be ignored since it can be a very daring symptom and therefore should not be ignored at any single time. You should not mind seeing your doctor if your child is having constantly being dizzy.

Ear pain

Ear pain is also one of the early flu symptoms in children. Not all kids experience this early sign but in case your child has ear pain probably it is flu, hence ear pain on your child must not be ignored.

Appetite loss

Appetite loss is an early sign of flu infection that many parents/guardians tend to ignore. Most people are not aware that loss of appetite might be a flu symptom in children. You will notice that your child has no interest or declined interest even in his/her favorite meals. You should have your child checked by a doctor in cases of loss in appetite.

Stomach ache

Stomach ache can also be a sign of flu infection. The virus associated with flue affects gastro-intestine of kids and causes stomach bug in most children. The symptoms of flu in most common children are stomach cramps. If your child has this symptom chances are that they have been infected by the flu.

Excessive fatigue.

If a child is feeling very tired for no solid reason, he/she may have flu since fatigue is an early symptom of flu. The normal activities of your child will be disrupted by fatigue, you should take your child to the hospital for diagnosis in case he/she shows extreme fatigue.

Sore throat and dry mouth.

Coughing continuously can lead to a sore throat in kids. Some of the flu viruses may cause swollen throat in children. It is advisable to give your child sodas, coffee, or warm water to ease a sore throat and dry mouth. Your child might have a throat that is scratchy and may encounter difficulty in swallowing food. You should notify your doctor in case your child shows these signs.

Body ache.

Most people ignore this early sign of flu since they view it to be as an outcome of physical endeavors. Flu virus often causes body pain in children. This pain affects the legs and the back hence you should take your child to see a doctor if he/she has body pain.

Vomiting and Nausea are also signs of flu.

If your child is vomiting or diarrhea frequently it might be a result of the Influenza virus since it attacks the stomach and leads to gastrointestinal problems. To avoid the complication of matters, it is important to visit a doctor since frequent vomiting and diarrhea make your child dehydrate.

Runny and stuffy nose.

Tissues in the nose become swollen if a nose is congested or it is stuffy. The flu virus can make a nose stuffy and congested. You should take your child to a hospital if this symptom lasts for at least one week.


This is the main distinguisher between flu and common colds. Flu affects children very sudden but common colds tend to come gradually. Fever typically lasts for three to four days when it comes to the flue. A child who has flu virus should get better over the course of the week and if not so, medical attention should be seeking.

No tears when crying.

This is a crystal clear indication that your child has dehydrated out of severe vomiting and diarrhea as a result of flu infection. As a caring parent or guardian, you should take the child to the hospital immediately for diagnosis.

Stiff neck.

Meningitis is an illness which might result from the stiff neck, which is one of the early flu symptoms in children. You should apply a moist warm cloth on the neck and if the symptom seems to persist you should take your child to the doctor.

Trouble Breathing as another flu symptom in children.

Having trouble when breathing is also one of the flu symptoms in children. Flu makes children have problems when breathing at nights thereby making them snore since the nasal passage is blocked hence breathing troubles. Children with this symptom tend to be infected with the flu virus and should be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Conclusion on Flu Symptoms In children.

Despite that flu is an infectious disease, it is also contagious. Your child can be contracted flu from other infected children while interacting with them. Although flu is not a very serious disease, it can lead to some other complications if left untreated. Home remedies can be used for the treatment of flu in some cases since flu symptoms last for about three or four days.

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