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University of Nicosia Review;7 Reasons to Join Today.

7 Reasons to Join The University of Nicosia Today
The University of Nicosia Review

Looking for a University to fit your needs perfectly can be a real challenge. You need a school environment that will not only allow you to grow but to form lifelong bonds and learn in a wholesome learning environment. One such place is the University of Nicosia.

The University of Nicosia is the largest private university in Cyprus. It hosts over 12000 students on an 18-building campus. It was established in 1980 by the current president Nicos Kartakoullis. The university is located in the beautiful capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia, in a bustling suburb called Engomi. It has six other campuses worldwide, located in New York, Bucharest, Athens, and Cyprus. The university has international students from over 70 countries worldwide.

Why should you enroll at the University of Nicosia?

The University of Nicosia is among the best in the world ranked at the top 10% (3000/30,000) of the world’s universities by the higher times education board.
It offers you a range of courses such as professional certifications, for example, CIM chartered institute of marketing, degree programs, masters programs, and doctorate programs.

The University of Nicosia offer courses in the following departments:

  • •school of business
  • •school of education
  • •school of humanities and social sciences
  • •school of law
  • •school of medicine
  • •school of sciences and engineering

2. university of Nicosia Amenities and resources.

The university has plenty of resources such as libraries, labs, computer centers, a state of the art fitness center and restaurants & cafeterias. It has the second largest library in Cyprus with over 100,000 print books and 500,000 eBooks. The 200-seat capacity library offers a quiet serene environment for study.

The university has a lab in almost each and every department including IT, engineering, architecture, design lab, psychology labs, hospitality labs, art labs, health sciences, performing arts, medical labs, digital and multimedia labs.

3.Application and enrollment

University of Nicosia’s school year runs from October to May. The requirement to join is fairly easy. You just require a high school leaving certificate if applying for a bachelor’s degree course. At least a Bachelor’s degree and two recommendation letters from a professor and an employer if applying for masters. A CV or a personal statement for levels higher than masters.

Tip: Since the school teaches mainly in English, ensure that you are proficient in English before application. The school also teaches in Greek.

Applications are done online through their portal or mail by sending the required documents to their address.

4.Financial requirements

The university offers affordable tuition depending on the course you choose. Price can start at 10,000 euros per year for a common course. You might also get scholarship funding or financial aid if you meet their criteria. You can get a refund in case of a reasonable withdrawal, for example, in case of illness.


In case you are interested in research, the University of Nicosia supports a variety of research programs. It has a research and innovations center with an online portal for research requests and findings. It offers research grants for faculties research suggestions.

6.Student life

You will enjoy events all year round at the University such as music concerts, exhibitions, exciting talks by guest speakers, cinematic screening and others.

You will have plenty to do, many places to eat out, the beautiful shopping experience at Engomi mall, have excursions, meet and interact with people from multiple cultures. You can also enroll in multiple clubs in the university for leisure, academic, social and support purposes.


If you are a sports fan you will be treated to an array of competitive sporting activities such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and marathon. Since the university is a member of Cyprus university’s sports federations, you can compete with other European universities in sports competitions. You also stand the benefit of getting an athletic scholarship if you get selected as a player by the school.

In conclusion, you should enroll in the University of Nicosia not only for excellent education by good tutors but also for the well-rounded university life it has to offer. You will learn new things, meet new friends, form lifelong bonds and shape your future at the University of Nicosia. Go ahead and enroll today. Here is a list of other universities that might interest you.

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